Q:  Is musical experience or drumming capability required?

A:  Absolutely not!   No prior experience is required!

Q: Are instruments provided?

A: Yes.  We can provide instruments, and/or offer special pricing if you want to purchase your own as employee "giveaways".

Q: How much does it cost?

A: CLAVE is competitively priced with alternative Leadership/Teambuilding events.   Contact us for a free Discovery call and Price Quote.

Q: Where are CLAVE facilities?

A:  We come to you!   Our goal is to make the CLAVE experience easy for our clients.  Our sessions can be conducted in conference rooms, open work areas, auditoriums, etc.

Q: How long does a CLAVE session last?

A: The minimum CLAVE session is 90 minutes.   Depending on the size of the group & the objective of the session, CLAVE sessions range from 90 minutes to as long as full-day sessions when combined with Leadership Coaching/Keynote.

Q:  Can CLAVE be custom-designed?

A:  Absolutely!   New teams, merged teams, teams with specific goals, teams from different industries ... whatever your team size, business, and/or objectives, we will customize a solution to meet your needs.

Q:  Can CLAVE provide references?

A:  Yes - please contact us.


A:  BOTH!   CLAVE can be a stand-alone teambuilding event, or can be combined with Leadership Coaching/Keynote depending on your specific needs.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Contact us today for a FREE Discovery call and Price Quote!

the clave team

Steve Gutzler is one of the nation’s premier thought leaders and sought after speakers on leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Transformation. Steve’s clients include many Fortune 500 firms and he is a sought after executive coach to CEO’s, business executives and leading entrepreneurs. Steve was recently voted #1 in Huffington Post poll for “Social Media and Inspirational Leadership”.
Some of his top clients include: Microsoft, the Seattle Seahawks, Pandora Radio, Starbucks, Boeing, Cisco, Starwood Corporation, U.S. Security Administration, American Academy of Family Physicians, Foundations Recovery Network, Ritz Carlton and Oxford Financial. 
Steve’s exceptional ability to communicate clear leadership and life transformations with humor, clarity and insight is why he is in such high demand. He knows how to deliver proven results and has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his messages of extraordinary leadership, achievement, success, and significance for over 20 years in over 2,500 presentations.

Chase Culp is the President of Clave Up!,  Chase holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music Education from the University of Utah, where he helped the University’s percussion ensemble claim a National Championship.

Chase has played, and shared the stage, with Green Day, Queensryche, Billy Idol, Peter Distefano, Killing Joke, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Point One, and currently plays with AMP recording artist The Crying Spell.  You can also hear Chase’s drumming on many video games, commercials, radio programs, and independent movies.  Recently Chase’s band was featured on MTV 2 and played the half time show for the final home game of the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Stadium.

What is CLAVE?

Steve gutzler

CLAVE is an interactive teambuilding experience that allows individuals to use percussion instruments to collaborate and communicate through rhythmic expression.   No prior drumming or musical training or skills are required!   It's a great celebration of self-discovery, personal leadership, and team unity.  Workgroups and teams of all sizes end our sessions with renewed energy, cohesiveness, and enhanced awareness that the whole is greater that the sum of its individual parts.

Frequently asked questions

Chase culp